These bacteria keep swapping resistance genes and that’s not good

Antibiotic resistance may not always be caused by overuse of antibiotics.

In an article published by, it turns out that overuse of antibiotics may not be the only reason for antibiotic resistance. It turns out that bacteria can swap antibiotic resistant genes via HGT or Horizontal Gene Transfer. This can happen with or without the presence of antibiotics.

Mobilizing Detection of Bioaersols

Harmful bacteria and other bioaerosls ie toxins fragments of microorganisms etc are often associated health care settings and rightly so. But, their impact stretches into raw material, food processing and general work safety. Industrial exposure standards still have a long way to go here. Agreements in collection methods and the risk in interaction of non bioligical agents have to be established. For that to happen, the technology is going to have to evolve in a way to make it commercially practical.

Last year we published an article by Jennifer Ph.D. with a concentration in Exposure Science from Rutgers University concerning the first issue, collection methods. Active sampling is  the dominate methodology but is not ideal in all cases. The REPS system that she and her team designed utilizes Kureha’s Piezoelectric Film to produce a low cost passive bioaerosol detector that does not require pumps or power. This opens up possibilities such as mobilizing low cost detection devices in a variety of industrial settings. They are small, silent and innocuous and can be collected and monitored as part of a safety protocol.

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