The Army wants to use monitors to extend the Golden Hour

This Memorial Day we mark the price young men and women have paid in service to their country. As of May 25th 2018, 1,844 killed and 20,094 wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Monitors for Readiness and Survival

The Defense Casualty Analysis System (DACAS) maintains detailed casualty data from the Korean War to present day. In modern day conflicts such as Operation Enduring Freedom, the casualty survival rate is almost 91%. But, as this article points out, there is a strong link between survival and time. 90% of the fatalities occur outside the “golden hour” before the solider reaches a field hospital. 1/4 of those fatalities are are due to the medic or solider not being able properly address hemorrhaging. The Army believes wearables can help change that.

The Army Surgeon General is pushing for advanced versions of wearable monitors available today to the general public. Technology that can bridge the gap between the field and the field hospital. In addition to catastrophic events, the Army is evaluating tech as a a preventive real-time battle readiness tool. Identifying a pilot who’s fatigued or a soldier who’s blood sugar is elevated.

“We should be monitoring all soldiers, all the time, looking for patterns of injury or other signs for early detection,”

-Army Surgeon General Lt Gen Nadja West

The article goes on to point out that implantable technology has the potential to extend the “golden hour” in extreme environments where access to emergency services is not possible.

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